Digital Marketing Consulting

“Half the money I spend on Advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

If every vendor who came into your store drove half the business they claimed to, you would turn your inventory every 30-days. Your Digital Marketing Consultant understands Automotive Advertising. Overwhelmed with Digital Metrics, KPIs, ROIs, etc. most dealers must become statisticians to determine what is truly working and what is not.

Your Digital Marketing Consultant can help you devise an omni-channel advertising strategy that will drive quality traffic to your website and showroom. We can assist you in evaluating partners to determine who is best suited to implement your desired strategy. Our Google Analytics certified consultants can help you decipher the reporting from your various vendors, compare that data to your internal reporting to ascertain what is really working for you and provide recommendations for any adjustments to your strategy or execution.

Your consultant is available to participate in planning meetings, performance reviews and metric analysis with any vendor. We will help monitor the performance of your advertising partners and campaigns and we can make recommendations to improve outcomes as needed.

Digital Advertising has been a blessing and a curse. While you now have the data to better understand exactly which advertising dollars are driving business, the complexities of the reporting, the industry buzzwords and the multiple vendors make it difficult to determine what is really working for you. Your Digital Marketing Consultant will simplify the process for you saving you from hours spent interpreting the “great news” your vendor just delivered.